Filtration is a versatile field and requires expertise and individual adaptation to client-specific requirements.

We work without a fixed manufacturer commitment and offer filter alternatives with consistent quality at the best prices.


The manufacturing of products in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical area in which the highest demands are placed on the materials, quality management and the supplier. Transparency of the products is crucial, which are manufactured and delivered with certificates, attestations and lot numbers either sterile or non-sterile according to international specifications.

As a competent partner for innovative filtration solutions, Membran Experts offers a portfolio that meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pre and sterile filtration of API as well as LVP and SVP, sterile filtration of gases and liquids, aeration of tanks and vermenters.

Food and Beverage

Continuously high and consistent quality is indispensable in the food industry

Membran Experts therefore offers a wide range of filters to ensure this quality in the food industry:

Beverage industry (mineral waters and sweet beverages)
. . . . .
Vegetable and fruit juice production
. . . . .
. . . . .
Wine production
. . . . .
Spirits production



Highest quality standards and a focus on improved customer protection are leading to a number of requirements in the food and beverage industry.

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Laboratory Filtration

The filtration market is constantly bringing forth innovations. Our aim is to maintain an overview and to offer the optimum process for every application. In the laboratory, filtration is a frequently used technique. When  filters are used, the method is very gentle and easy to use. It is therefore superior to other separation processes, such as distillation or recrystallization, in terms of energy consumption, ease of use and gentle operation. Membran Experts offers you a wide range of membrane applications in the laboratory:

Membrane filters (discs)
. . . . .
Filter holders (stainless steel, plastic)
. . . . .
Membrane-bound units (capsules, attachments, syringe filters)
. . . . .
Tangential filter systems (crossflow)
. . . . .
Microbiology (germ count control)
. . . . .
Sterility testing

Membran Experts can provide you, as a user in the pharmaceutical research, healthcare, life sciences, chemical industry, food industry, environmental research and electronics industry, with high quality filter products.

Chemical industry and general industrial application

Membran Experts offers filtration products and filtration solutions for the chemical industry and industrial processes of all kinds. From high efficiency depth filters, pleated filter cartridges, disposable filter capsules and "point of use dics filters" to microfiltration membranes made of different materials like PES, NY, PTFE or PVDF. Our filters are characterized by broad chemical resistance and enormous pressure resistance, such as the filter cartridge PSSF made of stainless steel.

The high flow filter cartridge, is a coreless, pleated cartridge with an open end and large diameter, which reduces the investment costs of your system and the disposal costs and offers a long life cycle. You can save up to 50% of the filter system and up to 60% of replacement time compared to traditional cartridge systems, and get a better seal to ensure perfect filtration.

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